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Jim Arsenault Firefighter I 25
Matt Brink EMT, Firefighter I 17
Matt Chiarizio MRT, Firefighter 1I 7
Catherine Dimeola EMT 7
Alan Ference EMT, Firefighter I 14
Jeff Foss EMT, Firefighter, I 2
Dan Foran EMT-Paramedic, Firefighter I 8
Ron Gantick  Firefighter I 31
Ben Jones MRT 7
Mike Kneeland Firefighter I 5
John Peters Firefighter I 7
Jeff Pierce EMT, Firefighter I 18
Kristen Watson EMT-Intermediate, Firefighter I 4
Kristen Wesoly EMT 4
Bob Wiecenski   41
Derrick Wiecenski Firefighter II, Hazmat Technician 22

Jim Arsenault has been a member since 1982. He is a certified Firefighter I and a former MRT and former Lieutenant. Jim is self-employed as a locksmith.

Matt Brink has been a member since 1990. He is certified as a Firefighter I and is an EMT. Matt is a full-time dispatcher for the Tolland County Mutual Aid Fire Dispatch center.


Matthew Chiarizio  joined our department in 2001. He has been on the active list most of his years in the fire service. Matt also races a stock car at Stafford Speedway on Friday nights. He recently graduated Windham Technical High School with his electrical degree. 
Catherine Dimeola has been a member since 2000. She is a certified EMT. Cathy is a CPR instructor for the American Heart Association and a former nurse. 
Ron Gantick has been a member since 1976 and an officer since 1978. Ron was Deputy Chief for 10 years before becoming Chief in 1992.  He is a certified EMT (since 1978) and Firefighter I.  Ron works as a property manager.  Ron has now retired from the officer position but remains an active firefighter.
Ben Jones has been a member since 2000.  Ben is an MRT and works part-time at the YMCA and is attending college studying communications.
Mike Kneeland joined our department in 2002.   He is a certified Firefighter I and a former MRT.  Mike is a graduate of Windham Tech and is employed by Dari-Farms as a truck driver. 
John Peters has been a member since 2000.  He is a certified Firefighter I.  John was an EMT for many years.  John was a long-time member and officer in the Willington Hill Fire Department and is a retired schoolteacher.
Jeff Pierce has been a member since 1989. He is a certified EMT and Firefighter I Jeff has been a full-time employee here since 1993.

Josh Strickland has been a member since 2005.  He is a certified EMT.

Kristen Watson has been a member of our department since 2003. Her current certifications include EMT-Intermediate and Firefighter I. Classes attended: Hazmat Operational.
Kristen Woodworth has been a member since 2003 and has completed her EMT certification.  Kristen recently completed her nursing degree at UConn and is employed by Johnson Memorial Hospital. 
Bob Wiecenski has been a member since 1966.    Bob served as Treasurer of the department for 29 years, from 1967 through 1996.  He was also a Lieutenant for many years.  Bob has retired from the University of Connecticut. 
Derrick Wiecenski has been a member since 1985. He is a certified EMT, Firefighter II, Hazmat Technician and Scuba Diver. Derrick is a driver for Fedex. 

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Department Officers

Fire Chief
Tyler Millix

Deputy Chief
Dave Woodworth

Asst. Chief
Stuart Cobb

1st Captain
Matt Brink

2nd Captain


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