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New Member Form
2020-2021 Officer List Operational Officers
POV Guidelines Training Log
Hepatitis B Form
Ambulance Attendent Procedure Attendant Evaluation Form Attendant Skill Sheet

Department Terminology

EMR- Emergency medical responder, meets CT minimum requires for medical certification.

EMT- Emergency medical technician, meets CT requirements for patient care.

BLS- Basic life support. Ambulance is dispatched with minimum of 1 EMR and 1 EMT.

ALS- Advanced life support. Ambulance is dispatched with crew and a paramedic service.

ALS DIAL- Dispatcher Initiated Auto Launch of a medical helicopter included a BLS and ALS response.

Stage for CSP - A request for units to stage a safe distance away from the emergency scene and wait for the State Police.

MVA – Motor vehicle accident

MCA – Motorcycle accident

TN- Tolland County Mutual Aid Dispatch. 911 answering point for Tolland County.