Department apparatus

Apparatus - Current

The Willington Fire Department currently operates 6 different apparatuses


Engine Tanker-113 is our newest piece of fire fighting apparatus. It is a 2017 Spartan Gladiator capable of carrying 6 firefighters. ET-113 is equipped with 2,000 gallons of water complemented by a 1,500 gallon per minute(GPM) pump and an onboard CAFS system. ET-113 is also equipped with 3 quick lays, 35 gallons of class A fire fighting foam, a 4 gas meter, and a thermal camera allowing it to function as our first line attack piece. The truck has 3 water dumps and 2,200' of 5" hose allow it to also function as a tanker or water supply truck in the Tolland counties tanker task force. Lastly, ET-113 carries 20 gallons of class B fire fighting foam and has a generator capable of producing 8-kilo watts(KW).


Engine Tanker-213 (previously ET-113) is our oldest piece of apparatus still in service and is a 1990 International/Darley capable of carrying 3. Despite its age ET-213 is equipped very similarly to ET-113 with; 2,000 gallons of water, a 1,750 GPM pump, 6 quick lays, a 4 gas meter, a thermal camera, 2,350' of 5" hose, 20 gallons of class B fire fighting foam, and an 8 KW generator.


Squad-113 (formerly rescue 113) is our "do everything" apparatus and is capable of fire, rescue, and hazmat operations. It is a 3003 Freightliner/Darley capable of carrying 3. SQ-113 is equipped with 75 gallons of class A fire fighting foam backed by 600 gallons of water with a 1500 GPM pump to allow it to fight fires. SQ-113 also has forestry equipment for forest/wildfires. For rescue capabilities, SQ-113 has a full complement of Hurst tools (commonly called "jaws of life"), Swift and cold water rescue gear, a stokes basket, a 35' light tower, and a 25 KW generator. SQ-113 is equipped with class B hazmat suits, hazmat absorbent pads, hazmat booms, speedy dry.


Ambulance-513 is a 2014, 4 wheel drive Ford F-550/Lifeline capable of carrying 7 crew with one patient. A-513 is equipped to the state of Connecticut standard for BLS ambulances. This means we carry common equipment such as backboards and a stair chair. However, A-513 is also equipped with a Stryker auto-loader, a LifePak 12, and multiple sizes of vacuum splints.


Service-213 is a 2014 Ford F-350 capable of carrying 5. S-213 is used as a secondary response apparatus for our volunteers, goes on service calls when warranted as to not take another apparatus out of service, and is the primary method used to transport CT foam Trailer 7. S-213 is equipped with medical and trauma supplies, traffic control devices, and forestry tools.

CT Foam Trailer 7

As of July 1, 2007, the state of Connecticut has 7 class B foam trailers stationed around the state. We are proud hosts of trailer 7 which is equipped with 500 gallons of class B foam. Trailer 7 also has a removable mounted deck gun, two 400' pre-connects, and one 300' pre-connect. For more information please visit the state of CT website located here.



Station 13

Station 13 is located at 426 River Road between Interstate-84 exit 70 and Trask road and houses Engine Tanker-113, Squad-113, Ambulance-513, and Service-213. This is our main firehouse and where our paid staff are located here 24/7 when not responding to emergencies.

Station 213

Station 213 is located at 143 River road at the head of Depot road and houses Engine Tanker-213, and CT Foam Trailer 7. Station 213 also is used to refill apparatus water tanks when needed as it has a 3" direct connect to the water main.


Training Grounds

Our training grounds are located on the hill behind Station 13. We have used this area since its completion in 2007 as a training area for numerous drill types such as extrication, car fires, hose drills, and outside medical scenarios.


Apparatus - Retired


Tower 113 was a 1980 Mack/Braker Truck. WFD#1 bought and refurbished TW-113 in 1993. TW-113 was previously Hartford Fire Dept. ladder 3 and is now serving Canterbury Volunteer Fire Dept.

Ambulance-513 - Former

A-513 was a 2006 Freightliner/Lifeline Type-I ambulance and is currently serving Union Volunteer Fire Dept. as Service-172.


ET-313 was a 1981 American/Lafrance that previously served our counterparts at Willington Hill Fire Dept.

ET-213 - Former

ET-213 was a 1997 GMC/Darley that currently serves Stockholm Maine Fire Dept.