About Us

Willington Fire Department #1 provides fire, rescue, and emergency medical services at a basic life support level to the town of Willington, CT. The Willington Fire Department also provides emergency medical services to the town of Union, CT. The department employs 4 full time and 20 part-time Fire Fighter/EMTs to ensure that all emergencies are answered, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. For larger incidents, we rely on our highly trained volunteer EMTs and Fire Fighters for additional support.

Our organization operates two stations and six apparatus: Station 13, located at 426 River Road between Interstate-84 exit 70 and Trask road, which houses Engine Tanker-113, Squad-113, Ambulance-513, and Service-213. Station 213, located at 143 River road at the head of Depot road, which houses Engine Tanker-213, and CT Foam Trailer 7. You can learn more about our apparatus by clicking here.

Responders to fire and medical emergencies consist of both of our career paid staff as well as volunteer members. Our paid staff are located at Station 13 24/7 and guarantee that the first piece of apparatus, be it the ambulance or a fire truck, can respond promptly. Volunteer members respond from home or the station to bring crucial additional support to each incident. All of our members, whether they be paid or volunteer, are provided specialized training in fire and emergency medical practices.

Almost all of our members are either Fire Fighter 1, Fire Fighter 2, EMT, or a combination of the 3. This means that when we arrive at an emergency scene we are able to provide critical interventions such as CPR, extrication, and fire suppression.

If you would like to contact us our phone number is (860) 429-0288. Our email is station13@willingtonfire.org and if you would like to mail us our postal box is:

Willington Fire Dept. #1
426 River Road
P.O. Box 161
Willington, CT 06279

Department History

Most volunteer fire departments in northeastern Connecticut started as mill fire departments. As time passed and new innovations where created mills started to close. As such many departments started to become private independent organizations.

Like many places, the Willington Fire Department started as the fire brigade for the Gardiner Hall Mill. The department was officially started on August 5th, 1941 with Frank Ladr being elected as fire chief. The first by-law stated "the name of the company will be called The Willington Fire Department. The boundaries (coverage area) are to the entire town of Willington."

The "Pond House" (currently Willington Fish and Game club) and repair materials were donated by Mr.Bugbee in April 1944 to serve as the departments' headquarters. A much-needed fire truck was purchased from the Willimantic Fire Department and was kept at the pond house. It was then voted that only members could drive or ride on the apparatus.

In August 1945, Lawrence Lucier was elected as the new fire chief. The chief reported that the department had responded to 6 structure fires during the previous year. The department was incorporated in October 1945.

The department placed a fire siren on top of Hall Mill on May 14, 1945, to alert volunteers to any emergencies. Prior to the siren, the department relied on the telephone companies to contact members.

Nearly 2 years later, the department voted to purchased a Diamond-T Reo engine tanker from the War Assistance Board for close to $26,000. The new truck was housed at Gardiner Hall's garage for $5 a month while the Pond House was Renovated to store the apparatus.

Currently, the department is dispatched by Tolland County Dispatch Center (TN). TN uses the latest technology such as cell phone apps to notify both our paid staff and volunteers of every emergency.