Willington Fire Department responds to all fire, rescue, and medical emergencies in town, and also provide mutual aid response to: UCONN, Mansfield, Tolland, Stafford Springs, Ashford, and Union.


We respond to fire calls in the town of Willington along with the Willington Hill Fire Department. Fire calls include reports of car/vehicle fires, structure fires, brush fires, as well as automatic fire alarm activations at commercial and residential facilities. Our department provides service at hazardous materials incidents at the operational level and is provided with support at these incidents by regional HAZ-MAT teams.


We provide rescue and extrication services to victims of motor vehicle accidents, structure and car fires, structure collapse, confined space entrapment and vehicle/machinery entrapment.

Prehospital Medical

We operate the ambulance service for the town of Willington and respond to 911 reported medical emergencies, medical alarm activations, and motor vehicle accidents. We also provide the ambulance service to Union, CT. We provide medical care at the basic life support level and often request intercept service from the Windham Hospital Paramedic, Rockville Hospital Paramedic, or Johnson Hospital Paramedic when more advanced care is necessary such as drug administration or advanced airway management. Under most circumstances, we are required to transport patients to the closest appropriate hospital emergency department.