Willington Fire Department #1, Inc.

ET 113

Willington Fire Department #1 provides fire/rescue, and prehospital medical service to the town of Willington, CT. Willington Fire Department works in conjunction with Willington Hill Fire Department which is called to respond for all fire and medical emergencies in town as well.

Willington Fire also provides the ambulance service to Willington as well as the town of Union, CT and receives on-scene support from Willington Hill Fire Department which responds to medical emergencies in a first responder capacity.

Our organization operates two stations: Station 13 located on Rt 32 near Interstate-84 exit 71, and Station 213 located at the intersection of Rt 32 and Depot Rd.

Responders to fire and medical emergencies consist both of career paid staff as well as volunteer members. Paid staff are located at Station 13 24/7 and guarantee that the first piece of apparatus, be it the ambulance or a fire truck, is able to respond in a timely manner. Volunteer members either respond from home or the station to bring necessary additional support to each incident. Paid staff and volunteer members are provided specialized training in fire and prehospital medical practices.

Meeting Schedule

The regular monthly meeting is the first tuesday of each month. Board of directors meetings follow directly after the monthy meeting.


News from WFD#1

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