About Us

Willington is a small rural town in northeastern Connecticut. We are located 20 miles northeast of Hartford on I-84. Willington is dominantly residential in nature but has a small center of antique shops, a major travel stop, and is only a couple of miles from the University of Connecticut main campus.

Our organization is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors who meet monthly to discuss department matters of business. Monthly meetings of the general membership are also held as much of the department's business is decided upon by the general members. Committees consisting of general members are utilized for specific tasks including truck selection, station maintenance, by-law revision, and standard operating procedure revision.

Responders to fire and medical emergencies consist both of career paid staff as well as volunteer members. Paid staff are located at Station 13 24/7 when not responding to emergencies and guarantee that the first piece of apparatus, be it the ambulance or a fire truck, is able to respond in a timely manner. Volunteer members either respond from home or the station to bring necessary additional support to each incident. Paid staff and volunteer members are provided specialized training in fire and prehospital medical practices.

Our department responds in tandem with Willington Hill Fire Department to all incidents and holds command over incidents which occur north of Rt. 37 and south of Pinney Hill Road. We also hold the PSA for ambulance service throughout the entire town and the town of Union, CT.

For more information about what we do, visit the services page or feel free to contact us.

Meeting Schedule

Willington Fire Department meets the first Tuesday of every month with the Board of Directors meeting directly after. If the first Tuesday is a holiday the department will meet the following Tuesday.